Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leiverman leads Force

Mankato native and future Minnesota State forward Corey Leivermann is leading the Fargo Force in scoring and is tied for 11th in the USHL in scoring with his future MSU teammate, Zach Lehrke of the Cedar Rapids Roughriders. Leivermann has 19 goals and 35 assists for 54 points and is +6 through 51 games.

Here's a look at the stats of MSU's committed players:

Josh Berge, F, Lincoln (USHL) -- 4 G, 16 A, 20 pts, -4, 30 PIM, 35 games
J.P. Burkemper, F, Fargo (USHL) -- 5 G, 9 A, 14 pts, -13, 8 PIM, 36 games
Max Gaede, F, Woodbury H.S. -- 19 G, 17 A, 36 pts, +10, 36 PIM, 25 games
Chase Grant, F, Fargo (USHL) -- 28 G, 19 A, 47 pts, +9, 124 PIM, 51 games
Danny Heath, D, Des Moines (USHL) -- 5 G, 8 A, 13 pts -4, 16 PIM, 26 games (inj.)
J.P. LaFontaine, F, Shattuck -- 22 G, 37 A, 59 pts, 20 PIM, 53 games
Zach Lehrke, F, Cedar Rapids (USHL) -- 23 G, 31 A, 54 pts, +19, 26 PIM, 51 games
Matt Leitner, F, Fargo (USHL) -- 20 G, 33 A, 53 pts, -2, 92 PIM, 46 games
Corey Leivermann, F, Fargo (USHL) -- 19 G, 35 A, 54 pts, +6, 58 PIM, 51 games
Josh Nelson, D, Fairbanks (NAHL) -- 7 G, 24 A, 31 pts, +11, 85 PIM, 52 games
Zach Palmquist, D, Waterloo (USHL) -- 8 G, 25 A, 33 pts, +10, 52 PIM, 46 games
Brett Stern, D, Centennial HS -- 9 G, 16 A, 25 pts, +29, 40 PIM, 25 games

Gaede, LaFontaine, Palmquist and Stern are expected to play in the USHL next season and join the Mavericks in 2011.


alex said...

shane i think Zach Lehrke is going to be a great player here at MSU

Nation said...

Out of the players coming next year I really like Matt Leitner and Zach Lehrke. I hope they can come in and contribute right away like Pitlick and Hayes did this year.

Holly said...

Which of the seniors are moving on to play and where?


THANKS for the blog Shane and everyone who contributed.

There were some good bach'n fourths throughout the season with passionate fans of the MAVS and hockey in general.

This team brought a lot of excitement down the home stretch. Yet I hope that those returning remember what it took to get to St. Cloud and begin preparing themselves this summer to enable a quicker start for the 2010/2011 season.

That also should apply to the incoming Freshmen who need to begin their training this summer for college hockey. There are some BIG forward spots to fill and the D is looking good for next year as our two new Freshmen - Elbrecht stepped in and Mosey made some BIG strides end of the season. Not to forget Cooper is there to step-in for the departing Senior. I know these guys have to earn their ice per the coaches, yet no reason they won't be chomping at the bit to dress next season.

THANKS again ALL for an entertaining and memorable season...

Ian said...

Who wants to start an off-season arena music topic?

Seriously, I can't wait for LaFontaine to start playing. I'll make a note to wear his uncle's jersey to a game or two and for the fun of it, when he scores and after everyone quiets down, I'll yell "Tis the season, fa lala lala laLaFontaine!!!!"

I think Maverick hockey will be just fine for the new few years.

Sam said...


I'm always down to talk arena music. The Verizon Center blew it this past season. I hope the person in charge of it next year takes a page out of Anton's book. WE NEED MORE VOLUME and WE NEED BETTER SONGS. Pretty simple stuff.