Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back to St. Cloud

With the Mavericks' 2-2 tie at St. Cloud State and Minnesota Duluth's win at Alaska-Anchorage on Saturday night, Minnesota State will return to St. Cloud next weekend for the first round of the WCHA playoffs. MSU is the eighth seed, and St. Cloud is the third seed.

The other matchups will be:
Michigan Tech at Denver
Alaska-Anchorage at Wisconsin
Minnesota at North Dakota
Colorado College at Minnesota Duluth



wow. You made good time driving home Shane.

Like the way we match-up with St. Cloud. Have to try and make a game up there.

enjoyed your Blog tonight as you made some good observations on Tony Mosey's namesake. Just feel there is something there when given a chance (ice time). Did he even play the 3rd period or OT?


Ian said...

I have a feeling this playoff matchup with have the same type of feel the MSU/UM series did a few years ago.

And I'm going out on a limb and saying "MSU IS OFF TO THE FINAL FIVE!!!!" Just have that gut feeling we're going to keep up our smart play and upset Cloud.

BIGhkyfan said...


Finally, shades of the team we have been on about ALL season. Yes about the Vet's stepping up, yet they are expected to. It's nice to see our future players getting the chance and making the best of it.

Proud of those boys for battling through the team politics and being there when called upon.

Let's see this team now come together as one and WIN 2 out of three and go from there.


Goon said...

Ian I don't know if MSU-M is off to the Final Five but they could give SCSU a scare. It would be nice to see the Huskies in the Final Five though.

Sam said...

It would not be nice to see the Huskies in the Final Five. Well, maybe if you aren't a Mavs fan, but last I checked this is a Maverick Hockey blog. Anyway, I agree with Ian. We play SCSU well, no matter what either team's record says. It's Mankato's turn to get back to the X.

Joe said...

I am a SCSU fan...but I see a good series coming! I will say this though, I would say Mankato needs Friday night for sure if they want a chance in this series. It will be a lot tougher win with Roboin back, and Marvin on Saturday. Good luck to everyone, and may it be a good series!

Joe said...


I have to ask you know Ryan Swafford?