Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another night in St. Cloud

The Mavericks were 20 minutes away from their first WCHA Final Five since 2003 with a two-goal advantage, but their trend of protecting two-period leads (14-0-0 during the regular season) was dashed, much like their trend of not coming back from a two-period deficit was on Friday.

Garrett Roe scored two goals 20 seconds apart to give the Huskies a 3-2 lead at 6:51 of the third period. He also assisted on St. Cloud's first goal, by David Eddy, which came just 52 seconds into the final frame. On the game-winner, it was ruled that Eddy was checked into goalie Phil Cook (23 saves) as Roe's centering pass from the corner went into the net. The play was reviewed.

The Mavericks put 35 shots on goalie Mike Lee, including 17 in the third period.

Geoff Irwin and Ben Youds scored the Mavericks goals, both in the second period. Kael Mouillierat finished with two assists, and Irwin also added an assist.

On Sunday, the Mavericks will try to take down another trend, that of winning a Sunday playoff game. They are 0-4 in Game 3s, going back to 1999 when they were an affiliate member of the WCHA. In all of those series (at North Dakota in '99, at Duluth in '04, at North Dakota in '06 and home against Minnesota in '08), MSU won the Friday night game in overtime before dropping the next two games.

"We have to play like we've got no tomorrow," Irwin said, "because we don't."

There will be three Game 3s on Sunday, as Minnesota knotted up North Dakota in Grand Forks and Colorado College did the same at Duluth. Wisconsin and Denver are in, having swept Anchorage and Michigan Tech.

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What the heck...

Can you say "Turtle"...

What was said between periods in the MAVS locker room? Whatever is was, it did not have any impact on the team. Loose that speach real fast.

Turtle is what it apppeared we did the start of the third period.

And then after the second goal, not to call a time-out??? Anyone in the NHC could see the team was vissibly shaken!

And then the 3rd goal.

SCSU relys on it's speak along the outside. Our forwards must apply more presure on them and our defensive D need to keep-up with them our take the body early. They give them to much space and allow them in the zone unchallenged.

Friday, we beat them with continued BACK CHECKING and quick puck movement.

Come on MAVS, do this for yourselves tonight...