Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mavericks 4, Seawolves 3

Minnesota State gets the sweep over Alaska-Anchorage. Mike Louwerse with the game-winning goal. He, Mike Dorr (two goals), Ben Youds (one goal, one assist), Tyler Pitlick (two assists) and Eriah Hayes (two assists) each with two points. Phil Cook made 26 saves in goal.

This was the Mavericks' first sweep since New Year's weekend (RIT) and their first WCHA sweep since Thanksgiving (Michigan Tech).

Read The Free Press game story here.

(Free Press photo by Pat Christman)


Sam said...

MSU has got to find a way to make this year's Saturday night alternates their permanent jerseys. They are incredible. Not to mention they look so much more professional than their current regulars. The current regulars look kind of cheap to me. Just my opinion, but man would I love to see them sporting the current alternates on a nightly basis. Mr. Buisman, please make it happen!

Ian said...

They could wear pink and yellow fluffy gloves and earmuffs over their helmets for all I care... as long as they can pull off a couple of upsets these next two weekends, that's what counts.

But seriously, those 40th anni. sweaters are awesome, I can't argue with Sam.

hockeyfan said...

I agree , switch to those jerseys full time. Way Way better. Nice job guys on sweeping. Go Mavs

hockey25 said...

The jerseys look nice. I think the jerseys need more gold in them. The last time I checked our colors were Purple and Gold. The Mavs wear way too much black (helmets, breezers).