Saturday, February 27, 2010

Denver 4, MSU 3, OT

Rhett Rakhshani scored the game-winning goal with 13.3 seconds remaining in overtime to give Denver the series sweep and the WCHA championship.

Minnesota State outshot Denver again, this time 39-26. Marc Cheverie made 36 saves, including all 15 he faced in the third period and overtime.

The Mavericks' Tyler Pitlick had two highlight-reel goals, and Eriah Hayes had a power-play goal.

Read The Free Press game story here.


BIGhkyfan said...

A'las. A voice of reason.

Dan Myers, where have you been all season as it relates to your Saturday live game Blog commentS regarding the team/leadership!

Many of us have commented ALL season that WE feel this team has the players able to contend and win a championship. We have also commented, heated at times (just passionate for our MAVS) that we don't understand the leadership either by the players or coaches? How many times are we going the hear post game interviews or read in the Free Press, "that we played good enough to win, put just came up short". We heard it again this weekend. Yet nothing is done about it. Same PP and PK. Vets make bad plays or get bad penalties and are out the next shift. What message does that send...

Watching this and previous teams frustrates us as we know this team has the horses if let out of the barn.

Now that SR night is past, this team needs to play it's future, not just for those future players, but also for the fans and those who support MAVS hockey financially. The object is to WIN and to have a chance you need to dress and play those players capable which has not appeared to be the case at times this season.

This is the schools team and perhaps the administration should conduct "exit" interviews with the departing SR class as well as the newbees this season and compare notes on the players take. It's time the Administration becomes accountable and treats the situation with some form of direction. We believe we have the coaching/scouting staff here, they could use some leadership perhaps with some slight adjustments.

Do they really know what they have in that locker room? Administration and coaches that is? At times we question that.

Dan, please continue to be the voice and help see that we get the best out of what we have at this level.


purplebullet said...

I am somewhat of a newer Mav's fan, but i agree that that very same excuse has been a bit overused this season. We will look brilliant at times and in games and then play awful at others. I like your comments on the future I think our younger guys are very capable. I am not with them week by week on the ice however. On a related note about our future the stats on some of our Incoming forwards, 4 of them are in the top 25 scorers in the USHL, Lehrke, Leiverman, Leitner, and Grant. In a quick lookover, I beleive we are the only team with that many guys in the top 25, U of M might have 4 also, Notre Dame has 3. But hey that is a positive thing for us and next years team.