Saturday, February 13, 2010

Badgers 8, Mavericks 4


Minnesota State allowed eight goals in a game for the first time in three years, falling to third-ranked Wisconsin. For the second night in a row, the Mavericks couldn't stay out of the penalty box and allowed three power-play goals as well as a short-handed goal that came during a delayed penalty.

The Badgers are good, getting a lot of Hobey Baker buzz around defenseman Brendan Smith (1 G, 2A) and forward Blake Geoffrion (2G, 1A). Fourth-line senior Andy Bohmbach also had a goal and two assists, as seven different players scored goals and a total of 13 had at least one point.

Were they the best team the Mavericks have played this season? "Yeah. This weekend," MSU coach Troy Jutting said.

But Jutting also gave his team credit for its 5x5 play and for outshooting the Badgers 35-31. Still, the scoreboard showed a blowout.

"When (the Badgers) had chances to make plays, they made plays," Jutting said.

Eli Zuck, Jerad Stewart, Tyler Pitlick and Kurt Davis each had a goal for the Mavericks, and Kael Mouillierat had two assists. Goalie Phil Cook did not have the magic of Friday night when he stopped 40 shots. He allowed six goals on 18 shots before being pulled for Austin Lee (11 saves, 2 GA).

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Jon Poburka said...
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MSUMaverickFan said...

I'm usually a fan of the "keep it positive" attitude when it comes to handling losses. Though I'll join in the mounting criticism. I'm growing tired of the silver lining. In my opinion there is no such positivity when you let up a whopping 8 goals. "unacceptable, and embarrassing" are the words that come to mind. I feel we need to heighten expectations. Ask ourselves what do we want to be? Maverick hockey, or at least the Mavericks of old were at the very least competitive. It seems we have fallen below that reasonable expectation with a very capable and senior-laden squad. It's beyond gut check time. I heard Sully on the radio commenting on how despite the frustration the kids manage to stay upbeat. On the surface that sounds fine, but maybe it's time to stop being comfortable with failure. Put yourself through the ringer, get tough, play with some fire. Play like you have something to prove. Prove that this team is not a joke.

It would be different if this team never played well. We've seen them play well, we know it's there. Good hockey from this squad is unfortunately becoming a distant memory. I'm not ready to turn in the tickets, I've still got faith. I just hope that there's some anger, and some sleepless nights from those on the team. Turn it into something!

We can at least smile on our alumni.

USA to World: Watch Your Backes!


I completely agree 150% to the above.
Bashing does no good, rather solutions or at least adjustments to the situation IS in order.

It's been beat-up ALL season about 1- BAD penalties, 2- NO PP to speak of, at the least consistently inconsistent. 3- Over playing the same horses to where they have ZERO gas in their tank late in a game or game two. These above items are consistently defended by other Bloggers, sports writers and others. Reality check ALL, these continue to be the core of many of our problems. This team, as in "TEAM" has much more potential, so how about using the "TEAM" rather than the same chosen few.

1- Set an example, SIT those who get BAD/SELFISH penalties. One HUGE example was late in the 3rd when our captain D takes two minors while nailing a playing on his knees in our net. Bad enough he has a delayed penalty, to then continue cross-checking his head for another penalty. Just plain SELFISH and DUMB. They scored after the 2nd penalty expired as the PK unit was dead tired and could not get off the ice. Just one of numerous examples. This is not a leadership quality to build on.
Players should pick the C's and A's.

2- Have been using the same PP style and it is not working. Change it up as there are others on this "TEAM" who should be given a chance to contribute. That would also help create a better "TEAM" environment as their body language speaks volumes. If we the fans can see it, so should those who pull the strings.

3- Pre-season the hype was about the retuning Vets and it continued early into the season and still does. Not taking away from the Vets, as they are EXPECTED to produce, but if you continue to stress Vets in your PR and on the ice, than you are missing the boat with this "TEAMS" future, Jr's/Soph/Fresh. They are being left-out on the bench or sideline.

It's those at the TOP who can make the changes, if they want "OUR" MAVS to do well or are they satisfied with statuesque. Let's hope not...

Nation said...

This team sucks right now. They do not have the ability to learn from their mistakes. Get more penalties. That will help you win games. The season is basically over. I can't wait for the playoffs when we play Duluth. Maybe Jack Connolly will set the single game points record. There is no room left for optimism from my corner. The Mavs are going backward. The are getting worse not better.

Zeb said...

I commend those that can stay positive and believe there is still a path to improvement. Everyone can identify the problems (see TEAMWORKER's post), but NOTHING changes. Even in an absolute embarrasment, the "silver lining" ((c) MSUMaverickFan) is presented. Are we in bleeping mites?

My two requests for this team for the rest of the year: 1) one of our boys doesn't seriously injure an opposing player and 2) one of our boys doesn't do something similarly to tarnish the program further.

I know one thing the program can do to restore my faith, but the economy and circumstance means that, likely will not happen. I can only hope there will be strong player leadership next year--from ANY level--to instill the discipline needed and give us something to again cheer about.

Ian said...

Do I want to make the trip up there to watch the UAA series? Yes. Will I cheer on the Mavs? Yes.

Will I be shocked if the Waterdogs sweep us? At this point, no. In fact, I'm going in with the expectations of getting swept and seeing an ant trail of Mavs to the sin bin.

I'm loyal to the bone, but this season has been hard to take.

BIGhkyfan said...

Hi Gang,

I've been laying low as it seems futile commenting on the obvious. ALL of you above are correct in your observations. So, why don't those who can make the changes, make them? Very simply fixes, again, they have been noted for weeks and again on this Blog.

I watched the TV feed on Friday and live on Saturday. This TEAM has the horses, they simply need to be TOLD what to do. LEADERSHIP.

Our forwards are very selfish and try to do to much on their own. Two on one's and three on two's and not even one pass is made. Even Mites would make one pass.

Our forwards don't seem to know what the points are? They get the puck low have nothing there and very rarely kick the puck to the D. Shots create rebounds, rebounds create goals.

Speaking of D. I agree with TEAMWORKER as it relates to "overplayed". The same four who play 5/5, then PP and PK are looking gassed. Are they partying when they should be focused on school and hockey? Are they as conditioned as they should be? They all return next season and need to look in a mirror and recommit to this TEAM.
What puzzles me and those around me at home game - why does #16 start every game with #5? I can see #5 with 22, 17 and maybe 28. This brings me to where I saw the D this weekend. 5, 17, 22, 28, 2, 16, 3.

Goal tending - we have three very capable and they need to face less PK's.

I'm positive if these TEAM will be true to itself and make the obvious/simple changes necessary to get back on track. We must keep supporting the TEAM as there are players who I'm sure want to do better and WIN at ALL costs.

I welcome your comments if you "see-it" different.


Zeb said...

Everything posted above has been very level-headed, IMHO. Obviously there are problems that APPEAR as if they can be fixed. What we don't know is what happens behind the lockerroom doors? Nor should we. That is the team's business. I just hope there are not such large issues that they can't overcome.

Just because I've lost faith, I'll absolutely remain loyal to the team. I might choose to spend my money on something else besides traveling to Mankato (from St. Paul) to watch games, however. You can rail on me for being a poor fan if you want, but the bottom line is that I've got to choose how much my time and my family's time is worth. Right now, I don't want to watch 2 periods of penalty kill.

hockeyfan said...

BigHky thanks again for showing you know nothing about D. For you to rank the D the way you did is ridiculous. First of all the top four 5,16,28 22 are out there far more and being run in the ground by stupid penalties. Second they are out there against the best players on the other team way more than the others 17,2, 3. You guys think because a player gets a goal or assist they played well. Number 22 absoulutley played horrible all weekend when he didn't have the puck. He is not a forward and his play in the defensive end is horrible. 28 had an average weekend for where he should be at this point in is career. 16 is a freshman who wasn't directly responsible for any of the goals. His teamates hung him out to dry by not covering their guys and he got caught on a ridiculously long penalty kill. None of our D deserve overall to hear it. They are surrounded by forwards who don't backcheck ,don't score, put them under constant pressure and exhaustion trying to kill penalities. Here is my predicition 16 will not be here after next year and 28 would have been gone if he would have had a good year but my quess is he will be here now next year. Remember their job is to play defense.

BIGhkyfan said...

hockeyfan - you have really peeked my interest now.

You are so correct about some of the forwards play as the first WI goal Friday was from a forward not covering when the D got the puck in deep. Not to mention that beat-up topic of penalties.

And what does your crystal ball say about where 16/28 are going? Transferring to different schools?

Please share your insight...

hockeyfan said...

Boe would have turned pro after this year if he had a great year. Elbrecht was also at a pro camp last year and will be gone after next year or Jr. year at the latest. Bet you a beer.

BIGhkyfan said...


Pro? What, Europe? CHL?

I just don't see it. I could see Youds and Mosey as the NHL game is including more offensive defense men with an emphasis on skating. These two kids have wheels.

A brew at Rounders with a BM chaser. Game on...

hockeyfan said...

I like Youds and he may have a chance. He plays well in the defensive end most of the time. I am not going to cut down anyone but I think your looking at these little D run around the rink and overlooking the odd man rushes they cause , the bigger forwards that go around them because they don't have the reach. Little players always look faster and look smoother. If Boe and Elbrecht were slow with bad wheels they would be in the box constantly for holding and hooking and if anything Elbrecht in particular has taken less of those type of penalties than any other D. Look at the AHL roster the vast majority of D are Boe and Elbrecht size. With forwards getting bigger and bigger the small D cannot cover them. If a small D is going to make it he has to be outstanding in their D zone. Think about it a stud D in the pros has 10 goals (maybe more if he plays pk a lot). It is not that important. Having a D that scores a few goals at full strenth by rushing all the time is not worth it if they are doing it at the wrong time and causing odd man breaks. Offensive D also tend to go forward at the wrong time and they give up their position in front of the net way more often. The days of Coffey are done. Pros want a good first pass out of the zone and someone who plays defense. I would love to see the stats for blocked shots my quess is Elbrecht and Boe would lead all D. I quess we will see what happens.

hockeyfan said...

I would add that all our D would have more points if we had forwards that gave them the puck at full strength when they are sitting on the point with no one within half a zone. We have all talked about this before and I don't get why our forwards want play 5 on 3 down low in the offensive zone. But, that is what happens when you don't use your D and hold the other teams forwards out higher. If the forwards used the D more their scoring would also go up. We also need guys with some you know what to stand in front and screen the goalie. Those couple of things alone would raise our scoring.

purgolder said...

All of the above, regarding the D men, is interesting. However, it doesn't take into account developing for the future. Gassing the 4 D that actually play, doesn't allow anyone else a chance to develop futher, or for that matter even show what they can truly do for the team. As I have said all along, there is talent on this team. It would be fantastic to see it all used...


Some very good points and if implemented, this could be a team to be dealt with.

I agree that we have a deep, strong D and if the forwards would play at both ends and use the D rather than go the 5/3 route we would see better results. Of course less penalty's would also help.

hockeyfan - "I am not going to cut down anyone". Yet you go on to call them little people? 6'+ and 180 + pounds is not little.

Anyway, we ALL want our MAVS to do well and hope for better things to come.

Count me in for the brew wager...

hockeyfan said...

I have met the two we were talking about and regardless how they are listed one is 5'10 and the freshman is 5'8 at best. So yes by pro standards they are small. The average D on ahl rosters is 6'2 to 6'5'.

BIGhkyfan said...

Lets get it right please. I met your 5'8 freshmen D at the BIG BOBBER. I'm 5'11 and he was taller than me at least an inch or two. He was not wearing skates either!

Come on MAVS, start with a strong WIN Friday.

hockeyfan said...

I am 6 1 and he isn't anywhere near my height. Nobody is as tall as they think. Nor is it important except in the context of the specific topic of turning pro. I hope we are all right and all the players we like individualy turn pro nothing would be better for Maverick hockey. Shane post something new so we can have a new topic to banter. This one is getting old. Go Mavs.