Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Backes scores highlight goal in U.S. win

PucKato with the day off today but couldn't ignore David Backes' highlight-reel goal, which ended up being the game-winner in the U.S.'s 3-1 victory over Switzerland. Not a bad Olympic debut for the former MSU standout.

More, including video here. Also here and here.

Associated Press photos


Ian said...

Gotta love it. U S A! U S A!

Even though I heard it was a bit of a sloppy game, we got the W and that's what counts!

LetsGoMavs said...

Thanks for the post and links. It's great to see Backes doing great!

Thanks for the new post too...I was starting to think people were going to start debating YOUR height. Ha ha! It's all in good fun though, better to see opposite opinions in comments than no comments!

hockeyfan said...

Great power move by Backes. Thought the USA played well considering one practice. I bet they will start to gel as the week goes on.


USA all the way...

A nice move indeed.

I still think pro's need to stay home. The dream's of kids are slim-to-nun to play Olympic hockey the way it is now. Just look at the talent that was generated from the 1980 games. Not so much those players, rather how hockey grew in general throughout NA.

Let JR and College players have a chance at the Olympics.

Chime in ALL...