Saturday, January 16, 2010

UMD 4, MSU 3 - OT

A heartbreaker for the Mavs, who tied the game with 18 seconds left in regulation on a goal by Jerad Stewart but fell in extra time when Mike Connolly intercepted a pass a neutral ice and went in on a breakaway.

Minnesota State dominated the third period despite losing Zach Harrison and Kael Mouillierat to misconducts (after the game Mouillierat's penalty was changed to a DQ). Duluth scored goals on each major penalty and led 3-1 late in the second period.

Michael Dorr's 5x3 power-play late in the second made it 3-2, and the Mavericks outshot the Bulldogs 12-4 in the final frame. Stewart's goal came with Austin Lee (26 saves) out for an extra attacker. Kurt Davis made a game-saving play at the blue line to keep the play alive.

Crazy, crazy game.

Read The Free Press story here. Read the Duluth News-Tribune account here.



Hate being the first to comment. The weekend cobwebs are now gone.

We lost again, whether it's one goal or six goal games - we lost. Is it me or are we defending penalties and losses this season MORE, than previous seasons? Sure seems that way. Louweres is a scratch a week ago for a penalty and he does the same Friday and not a scratch Saturday. Consistency comes in many different ways and this season it seems to be lacking??? Any other thoughts on this topic?

Unless there are some CONSISTANT changes made with how the leadership of this team prepares itself for games and executes - they are not much of a team by definition.

We want this team to do well and don't see much happening at the arena.

Would like to hear some of your Blog questions brought-up on the coaches radio show on Wednesday. It's always about how good things are. Ninth place with the talent on paper is not acceptable to our section and others around us...

Sam said...

I think the reason that Louwerse wasn't scratched on Saturday is because Jutting realizes that he's one of the few players on the team who actually has the ability to make a move or two to get himself or a teammate a shot. I've seen it all year, but it was really obvious this weekend, for some reason.

The line of Louwerse, Pitlick, and Dorr is by far our most skilled forward trio. All three know how to stick handle a bit. They need to be on the ice every game. They're fun to watch and know how to create scoring chances.

When you watch the top tier of teams in the WCHA play, they have a solid collection of guys who know how to "dangle" out of a trap (or even simply avoid one) if there isn't immediately someone open. On our team, it seems like the majority of them were born to be grinders. They'll skate it in, feel a little pressure, stop skating and just dump it into a corner. It makes it awfully hard to set up very many quality shots.

I think the case for a lack of puck handling skill on the Mavs was highlighted this weekend by Kurt Davis' play on Saturday. He and Youds also know how to work a little magic with the puck. There were a number of occasions when Davis clearly looked like he felt obligated to take the puck virtually coast-to-coast just to ensure his team got a shot on goal. While I love watching him with the puck, I really wish there were a few more skilled forwards he could pass it off to.

Don't get me wrong. I love the Mavs and realize all of the guys on the team are far more skilled than the average athlete. However, it makes it hard to compete consistently when other teams are loaded with shifty puck handlers who move the puck with precision to set up nice looks, when your team is playing dump-and-chase all night.

Go Mavs.

LetsGoMavs said...

The dump and chase must end. Maverick fans have been complaining about it for years and to everyone, but Jutting, it seems to be clear. The dump and chase really is not working and our oppontents are ready for it and beating us to the puck.

Time to beef up on the passing drills and learn to pass tape to tape, not in the skates.

I would agree that for the talent and experience on the team, the Mavs should not be sitting in 9th place.

BIGhkyfan said...

LGM you are spot on with your observations.

Other teams make 2-3 passes from their breakout and they are in our zone.

do we watch film? Certainly we have the horses that can get the puck in the zone and control.

BIGhkyfan said...

LGM you are spot on with your observations.

Other teams make 2-3 passes from their breakout and they are in our zone.

do we watch film? Certainly we have the horses that can get the puck in the zone and control.

purgolder said...

Puck movement is crucial to success in this league. The breakout is key to a good rush into the zone. Tape to tape crisp passes, no more flutter/push up passes. The MAVs have the personnel to be successful. Each player must be used to optimize their individual strengths by the coaching staff. Use what you have, the kids all have skills...they all can contribute. Now is the time to dig deep and see what you're made of, GO MAVs!