Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sioux 3, Mavericks 2

Minnesota State gave a much more honest effort on Saturday but still fell to the fifth-ranked Sioux, this time 3-2.

North Dakota got two goals in the game's first five minutes and that was cushion enough, as the Mavericks had a 2-1 advantage the rest of the way.

Geoff Irwin and Channing Boe scored the Mavericks' goals, and Austin Lee finished with 31 saves.

As he did on Friday, Sioux standout sophomore Jason Gregoire scored two goals, including the game-winner again. Mike Cichy had UND's other goal.

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Sam said...

Definitely not the way to start out the second half of the season. What a downer. I think Murdock deserves a shot to start again next weekend, especially after he had to drive to drive all the way to Grand Forks to serve as the back-up.


It's been said by many of you ALL season - we don't have a PP to speak of.

Change it up as it certainly can not get any worse. The guys just don't look comfortable or confident. Like they are squeezing their sticks.

Also need shots on goal in order to have any chance to score.

Come on you VET'S, how badly do you want it???