Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pitlick a first-rounder?

Hockey analyst Bob McKenzie of TSN — Canada's ESPN — recently gave his mid-season stab at the first round of next summer's NHL draft and predicted Minnesota State freshman Tyler Pitlick to go 20th overall.

The list also included four WCHA recruits including No. 14 Nick Bjugstad (Minnesota), No. 18 Derek Fobort (North Dakota), No. 25 Brock Nelson (North Dakota) and No. 29 Jaden Schwartz (Colorado College).

The full list can be found here.


BIGhkyfan said...

With all do respect, who cares. He his parents and family adviser (agent).

Last I looked, hockey is a team game. You in the media need to emphasize more of that in your college hockey writings. You talk this way and this kids head is in the "clouds" not to mention how his teammates feel. Or perhaps they may be happy that he will get drafted and move on so those remaining who want to play for MSU can do so without distractions.

If he's that good, why not the OHL to NHL? It's a proven course from what I read.

And IF he's that good, why MSU and not UMD, UM, UND or UW? Something is just not right...

I wish ALL the best for the player, yet this is a team game and this team needs to get back to that philosophy from top to bottom.

An individual can do well, yet you can still loose. The team does well, you win 9/10.

Good luck as a team this weekend...

MSUMaverickFan said...

Speak for yourself when you say nobody cares. Most Maverick fans like to follow alums into the pros. You're really going to come in here and rip into the best Maverick recruit?

What do Zach Parise, Phil Kessel, Dany Heatly, Jonathan Towes, Joe Pavelski, David Backes, Jordan Schroeder, Nick Leddy, Erik Johnson, T.J. Oshie, Matt Niskanen, Ryan Malone, Mason Raymond, Thomas Vanek, Paul Stastny, Matt Carle, Alex Goligoski ect. have in common? They are all elite level NHL players, and they came from the WCHA, not to mention the countless other pros who came from other leagues within the college ranks. Secondly, if you're going to preach some OHL crap you can get out. Take some pride in the American pipeline.

When Mavericks get drafted high and play in the NHL, it boosts recruiting. Do you want us to get better recruits? If not, than get used to mediocrity.

Why cant we be proud of our NHLers? Our Minnesota born players? Our future pros? Did you want Pitlick to go to UND or UM? I just don't get your post or your negativity.

Shane does a great job keeping the fanbase posted, and I visit this blog daily. I'd just like to thank Shane on behalf of all the readers for posting these relevant links in a timely manner. Keep up the great work and pay no mind to the sometimes ignorant comments.

And in the words of Matt Foley, BIGhkyfan I wish you'd just shut your big YAPPER!

Sam said...

MSUMaverickFan, I couldn't have said it better myself. BIGhkyfan, are you even a fan of the Mavericks? It sure doesn't seem like it. If that's the case, why do you even follow this blog?

You're post seems to be filled with ignorance. Perhaps you should reconsider before posting something like that in the future.

I would say pretty much all MSU you fans are thrilled to hear about a kid like Tyler Pitlick. Big-time talents aren't always all that common for a school like Mankato. When they do come to town, call us Mavs fans crazy, but we get excited and we take pride in that.

When Pitlick gets drafted (wherever it is he lands) and his time at MSU is up, all of us will be ecstatic to watch him step onto an even bigger stage in the NHL. We'll be able to watch him play hockey and know that he was once one of us (MSU students/MSU fans). Players like Pitlick get the MSU-Mankato name out there. Remember that.

The only thing I enjoy as much as following college hockey, is following top-level recruits as they move on to the ultimate stage in the NHL. I can't believe you are so against all of this. It's mind-boggling...

Sam said...

"You're" should read "your." My mistake.

hockeyfan said...

It is really important that as many kids as we can on to the pros. This only helps with our recruiting. The more players we move on the more that will want to come to Mankato. I would rather have a great player for a year or two than a average player for four. Yes hockey is a team game but it is always ( even in the NHL) the top four to six great players that carry a team. What would the Penquins be without Crosby, Malkin and just a few others. Having even a few standout players makes all the other players around them better. I don't understand the problem with being happy for anyone who has talent and gets rewarded for using it.

crossjcek said...

Yes, I would like OUR team to recruit only mediocre talent so they stick around for four years and we can compete for 9th place year after year. Good for Pitlick and good for MSU. Like Backes, he probobly wanted to stand out and play somewhere other than the Gophers, who by the way, aren't doing so hot with all of their drafted talent this year.


BIGhckyfan...what got into you all of a sudden.

Whatever your intentions, you've woken-up the sleeping MSU fans.

I think you are pointing out that there should be more team emphasis in some articles, rather than individual as much?

Perhaps when your bruises have heeled from your Blog pounding, you can come back to us with your clarified take.