Monday, January 18, 2010

Idle talk

No games this week, as Minnesota State is off.

If you need to get your college-hockey fix in the Mankato area, the MSU women are hosting fifth-ranked Minnesota Duluth on Friday and Saturday at All Seasons Arena. The Gustavus women will host St. Benedict on Saturday afternoon. And the now-10th-ranked Gustavus men will host St. John's on Friday night and then play the Johnnies on Sunday morning at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

Also, the second-annual Anthony Ford Memorial Pond Hockey Tournament will take place on Saturday at Lake Washington. Read more about that here and here.

Finally, let's do another You Want Answers?!?! this week. Post your questions in the comments below, and I'll get to them by Friday morning.


Sam said...

1) Any chance the Mavericks would consider replacing their regular uniforms for their current Saturday night alternates? They are so much better. All of my non-MSU friends comment about how impressive and professional they look.

2) Has Jutting had anything to say about Kevin Murdock's status lately? Any plans for him to get a shot again sometime soon?

3) How about those Vikings?

BIGhkyfan said...

1) And what about those Vikes?

2) As confidence is vital to any position, yet goalies most of all, how do you feel the three very qualified goalies are handling being juggled?

3) like above, the same for players like Schiller, Cooper, Mosey, Gaulrapp. Not just dressing, yet limited playing time? Can this hurt going into the play-offs and next season?

4) Dorr transferred to MSU for playing time. Do we have any players that would consider doing what Dorr did in reverse?

Appreciate your and others views.

Joe said...

1. What has happened with Kael Mouillerat and Geoff Irwin this season? I expected these guys to lead the Mavs forwards, not Stewart and Harrison, agree?

2. You had mentioned that Eriah Hayes was doing well earlier in the year, but he hasn't been on the scoring charts lately. Has he been in a slump?

3. Is Andy Sackrison close to coming back?

alex said...

1. how have the recruits for next year been doing?

2. would you agree that austin lee makes some great saves but at times gives up some really soft goals and rebounds? and will phil cook or murdock get back in the rotation

3. how long do you think tyler pitlick will be a mav player? do you think he will leave early

Ian said...

What do you think of the Mavs doing a 2-day "pond hockey tour" around the area in the future? Pick maybe 5 communities that have a good turnout of outdoor hockey players and have the guys skate with the kids and play a little pick-up puck with them.

Other than winning, do you have any ideas on how to bring the Mavs into the spotlight more around the area?

Zeb said...

1) The preseason poll had MSU at #8, if I recall correctly. They are currently 9th, but have played a lot of close games. I haven't been able to watch too awful close, but is this team REALLY close to being a "winner" or is it just pretending? How does 9th place bode for the future in your opinion?

2) Troy Jutting has made the following comments in the last two weeks: "we won the last 55 minutes of the game" regarding game 2 at Grand Forks, ND and "we killed x minutes of PP against UMD's top PP" regarding the contest last weekend (obviously paraphrased because I don't want to look up the exact quotes, but we all know the ones). To me, these sound like excuses from someone that is NOT trying to adjust the game plan even though the team is losing. Last time I checked, winning the game on the scoreboard is what matters. Am I out of line for demanding more? Your thoughts?

3) If you feel like you can comment, how do you feel the player leadership is being received this year? Any prognostications on the player leadership for next year?

Extra Credit: I'm also interested in your opinion on where Pitlick goes in the draft and how long he might stick at MSU.


P.S. Sorry if this is too late to make Friday morning.