Friday, January 15, 2010

Bulldogs 2, Mavericks 1

Minnesota State held high-scoring Minnesota Duluth to two goals, but the Mavericks still fell 2-1 in the WCHA game Friday night at the Verizon Wireless Center. The Mavericks have lost three games in a row and four WCHA games in a row.

Kael Mouillierat scored MSU's lone goal. He also had a shot on net just as the game ended.

Final shots on goal were 31-24 in favor of Duluth, who has beaten MSU three times this season. Austin Lee allowed two goals -- the first career goals for both David Grun and first-round draft choice Dylan Olsen.

The Bulldogs are now in a first-place tie in the WCHA with Denver, which was idle this weekend, while Minnesota State is tied for eighth with Alaska-Anchorage, which defeated Michigan Tech 6-2 on Friday.

Here's tonight's box score. Read The Free Press game story here and the Duluth News-Tribune account here.

Check out the replay of tonight's live blog below. Former Mavericks goalie Mike Zacharias chimed in to see what the Mavs were up to and even answered a few questions from MSU fans. Good to hear from him.

Free Press photo by Pat Christman


LetsGoMavs said...

That's awesome that Mike Zacharias was on your live blog. He's such a nice kid!

BIGhkyfan said...

Its the same old thing(s). Penalties and not enough scoring.

You read the paper and its excuses for the Vets and leadership quotes accepting/defending losses? what am I missing...

UMD forwards move the puck while our forwards hold the puck to long and by the time they made a pass, UMD was in the passing lane.

Same with the PP, get the puck to the offensive minded D, let them shoot and get ugly goals. To much trying for the perfect goal. Puck needs to spend less time on their sticks all around.

Besides Davis and Youds having an offensive twist, Mosey has it as well, yet does not see much ice. Again he got into the play up the middle with wings on each side and appeared to deflect the rebound wide. Later in the second, he got a shot through and knowbody there for the rebound. He played very little as our section thought he should have been out on the 4on4 chances also.

Many of us have been questioning the amount of their ice time and lack of consistent play. The 4 main D are on the ice so much, they have nothing in their tank when needed.

Just watch the game film and follow how UMD played. Simply moved the puck, skated hard without the puck and had tight gaps while finishing checks.

It's one thing to dress the young guys, yet they need ice to be able to contribute, Schiller, Cooper, Mosey just to name a few...Guys, don't get down not playing, your time will come, "we hope".

Bring it to them tonight!!!
Come on MAV'S, show some HEART, DESIRE and TEAM WORK.

purgolder said...

Agreed. Out of curiosity I counted the times each of the D-men were on the ice on Saturday. Any time one of them stepped on the ice I gave them a tally, here are the results:
Youds-40 + 4 in OT
Davis-38 + 3 in OT
Boe-29 + 3 in OT
Elbrecht-23 + 2 in OT
Canzanello-21 + 0 in OT
Cooper-9 + 0 in OT
Some of the shifts on the top 2 players were 1:30-3:00 minute shifts. The bottom 2 numbers include 10 seconds or less shifts in their tallies. Why bother dressing 6 Defense when only 4 are being used? No wonder the "top" 4 have nothing left at the end, when they are skating in the 50 minute range, no top athlete should be asked to perform at 100% for this length of time in any given game.
The info above is strictly the numbers, from Saturdays loss to UMD.

Shane Frederick said...

Did you count how many times Dylan Olsen and Brady Lamb were on the ice for the Bulldogs? My guess is they were in that Youds and Davis range. You want your best players on the ice. Olsen had plenty of gas left in the tank late in Friday's game to break up a 2-on-1 short-handed rush and break up another scoring chance. I hardly think the reason MSU lost those games was because of too much ice time. In fact, on Saturday, Davis made the play of the game (at least of regulation) to keep the puck in the attacking zone and get it to Stewart for the game-tying goal.

LetsGoMavs said...

I think everyone noticed any time Lamb was on the ice because that's when we saw Mavs go flying from cross checks the refs ignored and all of his other dirty plays. I can't imagine any of the players are feeling too great today with all the bruises induced by Lamb's dirty hits. It was beyond annoying to watch the refs let him get away with it. He had especially bad cross checks after the whistle (in front of the refs) on Louwerse and Pitlick.

But, we all know how great the refs are all the time to most teams.

I think purgolders numbers are interesting and do note that the Mavs are more tired than other teams by the end. Probably a bit due to dumping and chasing and losing the puck and covering odd man rushes. However, it also looks like there is a lot of slacking going on with workouts, especially lower body ones.


Some interesting observations.

You will not see better results, unless changes are made. That's the way it is in sports and I am surprised that several of you just treat this team as "business as usual". If so, you will continue to see the same results.

And don't think the players don't know it.

BIGhckyfan said it best - Come on MAV'S, show some HEART, DESIRE and TEAM WORK.

BIGhkyfan said...

Shane, were you blogging and trying to watch at the same time?

"play of the game"??? Davis was falling which made the play look more special than what it was. Then he had happy hands before he made the pass.

Your "best players" were on the ice for the game winning goal. That pass should have never been made. Mentally tired perhaps?

You have to question the condition of some of these players, or are they over played???

It has been mentioned by others.