Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You want answers?!?!

It's that time again. What's on your mind? Ask in the comments section below this post.


Nation said...

1) Who is the starting goalie Friday?

2) Who are Michael Dorr's linemates for Friday?

3) Who do you think has been the Mavericks MVP through half the season?

Ian said...

I've heard plenty of negative comments about Dorr from UMD and UofM people for obvious reasons.

Does Dorr seem to genuinely enjoy it at MSU? I don't know the story of his transfer (whether it was playing time or other issues) so perhaps you could fill me in.

And I'm not trying to stir the music/tradition pot AGAIN, but I was asked by a Gophers fan about Bouncing Souls - Ole! being played after goals. I just told him it was played once and it caught on quickly and stuck. Was it the 2007/08 season the "OLE" was introduced?

Sam said...

I'm curious to know what other people around college hockey or even the professional ranks have had to say about Tyler Pitlick this year? Have you heard anything while visiting with colleagues or traveling to other venues?

Do you know the reason for the Mavs vs. Mavs home-and-home weekend series? In years past it has always seemed to have been split up and played on a week night for whatever reason.

With Hayes back, who sits on Friday? Dorr needs to be on the ice.

hockey25 said...

Who do you see having a big 2nd half of the year?

Do you think it is beneficial to have a couple of weeks off around the holidays or a couple of idle weeks in the 2nd half of the season?


Why does this team carry more players on the roster than others?

On some cases 2-3 more players.

We have forwards and D sitting week after week that would be dressed with other teams, correct?