Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You want answers?!?!

Can you feel the excitement in the air?

Is it because of Gopher week? Nah. It's time for another installment of PucKato's "You Want Answers?!?!" 

Just post your questions in the comments section of this post, and I'll answer them later in the week, probably Thursday afternoon.


Nation said...

1) Will Lee get the start on Friday?

2) Do you think there will be any hostility between Boe and Shack with them being reunited for the first time since the leg breaking incident?

3) Who are the extra players going to St. Paul?

hockey25 said...

Do you see any lineup changes this upcoming weekend? Did the Mavs come out of last weekend healthy?

Sam said...

Is it true that Friday's game at the U will be on FSN on tape-delay?

I noticed that one of the old zamboni drivers was back doing the ice in Mankato this past weekend. I thought he left to "pursue other interests"? I recall seeing him re-surfacing the ice at the U no more than two weeks later.

Will Murdock get in the crease this weekend?

What sort of crowd are they expecting in Mankato on Saturday?

Ian said...

I'm making the trip up from Iowa again this weekend for another game... this my first "Mavs/Goofs" game ever in the 6+ years I've been going to watch the Mavs.

Is there a different type of energy in the crowd at these games than, say, when the Sioux or STC Huskies come to town?

Also, will they play any Miley Cyrus at the Saturday game? This is a must-know so I have time to sell the tickets if the answer is "yes". haha

MSUMaverickFan said...
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MSUMaverickFan said...

If Austin Lee starts on Friday, I've got to imagine there will be some nerves present. He grew up playing in the metro and I can't imagine playing at Mariucci will be a calming experience. That said, I've seen noticeable improvement in Austin's game throughout the course of the season, and I feel fully confident when he's in goal.

What do you think of the struggling Gophers? Is Don Lucia in the hot seat?

On the Miley Cyrus note, Ian isn't the only one who's a little upset with the music selection. I won't be too critical because I'm probably stepping on someone's toes, but I'd give a reminder that with the absence of a pep band, the music at Verizon Center plays a more important role. Don't use up Welcome to the Jungle in the second period, and "Tonight's going to be a good night" has no business in a hockey rink. This is hockey we're talking about. More AC/DC, more Guns and Roses, more Motley Crew. You get the point. Bring back the classics!

Looking forward to a big weekend, and yes Shane there's something in the air, the hated Gophers are coming to town.

Sam said...

Since the last two have touched on it, I might as well express my continued dissatisfaction with the music. While I do enjoy some of the tunes (most notably the Rise Against opener), some of the stuff is pitiful. And the the lack of volume still irks me. What's the point of having music if the crowd can hardly hear it. If you get the chance Shane, pass along our frustrations to the kid please. Anton had the music down to a science.

Sam said...
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LetsGoMavs said...

Well since someone brought out the soapbox, I'm going to hop on it too.

The music needs to improve...A LOT. Crank up "Ole!" and the goal horn. Both get under the opponents skin...take advantage of that.

When I was at the National Hockey Center the other weekend for the WI/SCSU series I was reminded of how bad our music has gotten. They pulled a few good ones like playing "Innocent Man" and "Wasn't Me" when their players went to the box. Then when they had good stops they played "Hit me with your best shot" or "Another brick in the wall". MSU needs to find a good song to play when the goalie makes a good stop like we had with "Hollywood" and "Be like Mike". It doesn't HAVE to be about the goalie...just a good song.

Also, since we have the new video board we should be using it. Am I just missing it pregame or are they not doing the bit where the players say their names, town..."and I play for the Mavericks". Classic Brooks stuff and it was good to see. Also, lets get some more video up there, like highlights from the previous games. What would be fun is to have commercials mocking the other team when they go to the box like they play at World Arena.

Also, is it possible to turn off the scoreboard part pregame during announcements when the bull eyes are pulsing at the opponent? That would be a good move too.

Sorry, just had to jump on that soapbox while it was out. While our arena has gotten A LOT better in recent years, there are many little places they could improve things. Perhaps they should travel around to other WCHA arenas so they get an idea of what they're missing out on.


For sure the music plays an important role, not just with the players, but more important - THE FANS. There are times you can here a pin drop. I'm sure those in charge of this could contact the Wild or even a JR hockey team out there for a CD of what they use...

Happy to work with those involved if needed...

The Arena needs it!!!

purgolder said...

Enough about the music already...Shane, can MSU sweep the Gophs? Can the boys stay out of the penalty box? Will the power play work?