Monday, December 28, 2009

Who is RIT?

Greetings. PucKato is back from a few days of vacation. I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. The big question this week is: Who is RIT, the Mavericks' opponent on Friday and Saturday at the Verizon Wireless Center?

Well, here's a glance:

• RIT is Rochester Institute of Technology, not to be confused with RPI, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which also has D-I hockey.

• The RIT Tigers play in the Atlantic Hockey Conference. They are 9-6-1 but had a national-best 10-game unbeaten streak going until their last game before winter break, a 3-2 loss to Niagara.

• RIT was a Division II/III team before moving up to D-I for the 2005-06 season.

• As a lower-division team, the Tigers do have some history with MSU. On their way to winning the national title in 1983, they knocked out then-Mankato State in a two-game, total-goals quarterfinal series. The Tigers and the Mavericks also met in 1987 in the national third-place game, with RIT winning 3-2.


BIGhkyfan said...

Hope the boys are back well rested/healed and ready to have a strong second half. This is where it counts heading towards the play-offs.

Let us know how they look at practice as that seems to be the indicator for the weekend line-up?

Looking at the mid-year stats, there are some forwards and D that looked to do well when they were in the line-up. But have been out with very limited time to contribute again?

Will await your comments first as you are much closer to the situation vs my being on the web and in the stands.


So, will we see some student SUPER FANS this weekend or are they still home from break?

How's the bumps and bruises report going into this weekend?

The above post mentions the "second half". the schedule appears to be favorable entering into the play offs. What's your take on that?

Ian said...

Let's hope we get a win or two, end up with a respectable non-conf record then go stampede the second half.

My crowd won't be there this weekend since it's my weekend to work... oh well, I've only been off since the 18th. They'll have to re-train me!

Let's hope the energy level get's re-trained - the UNO series... yawntastic!