Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of the decade

I moved to Mankato in late summer/early fall of 2000 and have been on the MSU hockey beat since then. Over the last month or so, I have read several end-of-the-decade lists. So I have put together my own best-of list and put it in today's Freep column.

Give it a gander, and then give me your two cents. The list was confined to a 20 column-inch space, so what did I miss? What would you change? What were your favorite goals? Games? Series? Players? Moments?


LetsGoMavs said...

No mention of David Backes? That's got to be something of mention in the past decade.

I would also say a game to remember is the Mavs finally winning at the National Hockey Center, again thanks to Chris Clark...which turned the tables on the winning record at the NHC.

LetsGoMavs said...

Oh, and what about the "biggest bust"....being the game at the X being a "home" game with no Ole song, the Gopher cheerleaders...and I think if I remember right, the dang Gopher band?!?

The money was great, the idea was good, the result however...NOT GOOD.

Ian said...

"The Comeback" was great. It was the reason I've never left a game early since. We got up out of our seats, got to the concession stand and the horn goes off. Got to the stairs and it goes off again, so we turned around, and stood for the rest of the game it seemed.

Another good comeback was against St. Cloud a few years ago. Down 3-0 and came back and won 5-3... Berge's goal blew the roof off the Cellphone Center. It was a few of my friends' first game and they wanted to leave... I told them about the Denver game and they didn't believe me. Now they're hooked.

Plus getting to see MSU send some players to the NHL was great. BACKES RULES! haha

BIGhkyfan said...


What's with living in the past. we have two games this weekend.

Who's in, who"s out? Who's looking good at practice, injury reports, coaches comments?

Some "real" hockey Blog News...

hockey25 said...
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hockey25 said...

I know it is hard to choose just one, but here are a couple of moments I will remember.

-Scoring 5 goals in the last 8:25 to beat SCSU.

-Backes' OT goal against UW in the 2004-2005 season. Wasn't it a partial breakaway?

-Didn't Denver go on to win the National Title that year when the Mavs won 8-7?

-Sweeping the 2nd ranked Badgers to end the regular season. Didn't the Badgers win the National Title that year too?

Shane Frederick said...

Hey guys ...

No question there should have been some David Backes moments. But that 02-03 season had so many comebacks and last-second goals and they all led up to a national tournament berth, so they were hard to pass over.

Backes was always a beast against Wisconsin, it seemed. He also had a big last-second-of-regulation goal against Denver to avoid OT and give MSU a win.

The comeback against St. Cloud State certainly belongs in the discussion. Making it more dramatic, R.J. Linder scored a rare goal to start the comeback. Linder's father was very ill at the time, and St. Cloud was his hometown team.

Yes, Denver did go on to win the national title that year, and Wisconsin won it all after that late-season sweep.

As for the Xcel games being "busts," the low moments I can think of include the non-goal in OT given to Wisconsin in the WCHA playoffs in '02. This was pre-replay, but there's no way the puck went in. Also, the injury-riddled 03-04 season.