Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mavericks 3, Huskies 2

Minnesota State went up 3-0 and looked like it was cruising to another easy win, but Michigan Tech made it interesting with two late goals and even a waved-off goal that was scored after a whistle. Kael Mouillierat got back on track with a pair of goals, including the game-winner, and Zach Harrison stayed in the running for WCHA offensive player of the week with a goal to give him five points in the series sweep. Austin Lee made 22 saves for his fifth win and looks very much like he has the advantage in the Mavericks' goaltending competition right now.

The Free Press game story can be found here.


Ian said...

Glad to see Mouillierat light it up. Leads the team in shots I think and finally has a couple more goals to show for it.

By the way, my David Backes Blues jersey got plenty of compliments. I figure there's a guy running around with a Jon Kalinski Flyers jersey on so I did my part with NHL Mavs. Now if Carter would get traded, I'd get his too but no way I'd put a Ducks jersey on, haha.


LetsGoMavs said...

Has Lee really won the spot with talent or unbelievable puck luck? I say luck. In my opinion the goals he lets in are generally pretty weak and quite often he looks like he was caught not paying attention.

I'm not saying he's a bad goalie or anything, I'm just not sold and would like to see Murdock and Cook a few more times...times when they get better support from the rest of the form a good opinion.

For now though, Lee may as well ride the puck luck. I believe that you create your own luck, so he's obviously paid his dues in previous years.