Monday, November 16, 2009

Canzanello's penalty - what do you think?

The College Hockey Weekend crew has posted their highlights from the MSU-CC series. It includes the overtime sequence from Friday night with Nick Canzanello's holding penalty and Rylan Schultz's game-winning goal with around one minute left in overtime of a scoreless game.

What do you think? Penalty? No penalty? Can't call that there? Gotta call it?


Nation said...

The CC player had a great sell on that play. It was hard not to call it. But when you look Nick really didn't grab on to him at all. I would have to say the difference was the CC player and his acting job.

Travis Schneider said...

This situation has had too much made about a referee's poor call and not enough made about the incorrect response by the MSU coaching staff. In all the chaos after the penalty, MSU was unable to put a sufficient PK lineup on the ice because all of the effort was placed at berating the officials. When they were denied a last second change, MSU was stuck with three defensemen and a forward. Instead of calling a timeout so MSU could reset their lineup, they decided to stay with that lineup, even after the forward was thrown out of the faceoff and a defenseman was stuck to lose the draw and MSU was stuck with the OT loss.