Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You want answers?!?!

It's probably time for another installment of PucKato's "You Want Answers?!?!" Here's how it works: You ask a question in the comments section below, and I'll try to give you a beat writer's perspective. I'll give you two days to get some questions down and will answer as many as I can in a post on Thursday afternoon/evening. Ask away!



1. Have you had a chance to meet the new players and research any of their past contributions to hockey (high school,club,juniors)?
2. How do "you" see the blend of rookies and vets skill sets going forward?
3. When must a player denote they wish to "red-shirt"?
Thank you...

Nation said...

1) Which rookie was Jutting most impressed with?
2) Who do you think the top line will be?
3) Which goalie did you think had the best game?
4) Do you think we see more of Evan Mosey or Tyler Elbrecht this year?

Puck Luck said...

What became of Baylor Dieter? You wrote favorably of him in your May 8th blog and he won the Most Improved Player award at the Spring banquet. I'm sorry to not see him back on the team this year.

Sam said...

1) Do you think Tyler Pitlick will be a staple on the powerplay?

2) Can we expect the Defensemen to be joining the rush quite a bit this year?

3) Murdock and Lee are clearly the two best goalies. I think Lee will start, but who do you believe will be in net as the regular in the next couple weeks?

Holly said...

Who do you think will be the teams MVP this year?

MavFan99 said...

1)Will games be televised this weekend and/or next weekend in Duluth?
2)Do you know who will be in the 4 team "pods" starting with next years schedule? The only pairings I've seen published are UNO, BSU, SCSU, and UND.
3)Will the home and home series continue with the new schedule format next year?

Joe said...

I also am curious about the scheduling; specifically how often will the Mavs make their way West. Will they play CC or DU every other year, does it depend on the pod they're in?