Friday, October 23, 2009

Wisconsin 6, Minnesota State 0

No "Ole" tonight, and that was music to the Badgers' ears. Wisconsin dominated the game with a 40-19 shot advantage and scored their first-ever shutout of the very out-of-tune Mavericks. It was also the Badgers' first win at Mankato since 2004-05, snapping a 0-4-2 streak.

The Free Press game story can be found here. The Wisconsin State Journal story is here.

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larger than life said...

I finally made it to a game. What a game to see in person instead of b2. It was pretty bad. Shane I read your article this morning in the paper and agree with most of it. I am not sure what you were looking at to say the wisconsin D split Davis and Elbrecht. That is totally on Davis. Elbrecht had two other players to worry about and the Wi player put the puck through Davis stick and legs. That is not splitting the D. I suggest you watch the replay again. The coaches did no line matching from what I saw and too many times we had small players out against their big players which in part why we took some of the penelties. A 5ft 8 d cannot effectively guard a 6f 3 forward. Thats the coaches fault. I hope we do better tonight. I just hope the coaches don't sit some of the young players who played well. Sit the vets who keep screwing up.