Thursday, July 23, 2009

More on the Jutting deal (updated ... again)

No real surprises on the Troy Jutting contract, which The Free Press first reported in March. This has been pretty much in the works since Jutting won WCHA coach of the year in 2008.

Thursday's Free Press' story on the new contract can be found here.

Some details:

Jutting will make $153,246 this year. According to athletic director Kevin Buisman, that figure is no more of a salary increase than Jutting was allowed under the collective bargaining agreement between MnSCU schools and their union employees. Jutting was conscious of MSU's budget issues during negotiations, Buisman said.

Something omitted from The Freep story: The last IFO contract called for around an 11 percent raise for its members, which is about what Jutting got. He was making around $138,550 on his last contract. There is now a wage freeze at the MnSCU schools.

Jutting is the third WCHA coach to be given a contract extension this offseason, following St. Cloud State’s Bob Motzko, who inked a six-year deal through 2014-15, and Minnesota Duluth’s Scott Sandelin, who recently re-upped for two years through 2011-12. According to published reports, Motzko will earn a salary of $167,000, while Sandelin will earn a base salary of $150,000.

Here are the base salaries of WCHA coaches at public schools, according to recent reporting by The Denver Post.

1. Mike Eaves, Wisconsin -- $229,511 in 2008-09 (contract through 2013-14)
2. Don Lucia, Minnesota -- $222,789 in 2007-08 (2011-12)
3. Dave Hakstol, North Dakota -- $210,000 in 2007-08 (2011-12)
4. Bob Motzko, St. Cloud State -- $167,000 in 2008-09 ( 2014-15)
5. Troy Jutting, Minnesota State, -- $153,246 in 2009-10 (2012-13)
6. Scott Sandelin, Minnesota-Duluth -- $150,000 in 2009-10 (2011-12)
7. Jamie Russell, Michigan Tech -- $116,759 in 2008-09 (2011-12)
8. Dave Shyiak, Alaska Anchorage -- $110,000 in 2008-09 (2011-12)

Denver and Colorado College are private schools and do not have to disclose their employees' salaries. However, it is believed that George Gwozdecky and Scott Owens are among the top-five most-compensated coaches in the league, which would put Jutting's salary seventh in the 10-team league.

Once Nebraska-Omaha and Bemidji State join the league, that salary likely will rank eighth as Dean Blais signed a $250,000/year contract with UNO. Not sure what Tom Serratore is making at BSU right now.

Finally (before I go on vacation), check out this blog post from March to see where Minnesota State stood against other teams in the conference over the last two seasons (Jutting's last contract). In Thursday's story, Buisman talked about how Jutting's teams have performed despite MSU's lack of resources compared to other programs in the WCHA. These numbers could be used to back that up but also show where the Mavericks have come up short -- the postseason.

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