Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Player of the year???

I got my ballot for WCHA awards, including all-conference teams, the all-rookie team, rookie of the year and player of the year. I'll disclose my votes next week, but there are going to be some tough choices, especially player of the year. Seven players have been nominated by their teams: CC goalie Richard Bachman, Denver goalie Marc Cheverie, Minnesota forward Ryan Stoa, Duluth goalie Alex Stalock, UND defenseman Chay Chenoway, St. Cloud forward Ryan Lasch and Wisconsin defenseman Jamie McBain.

Is there an obvious winner? Can you go wrong? I'll be doing my research. What do you think?


LetsGoMavs said...

Yes, you would go wrong if you voted for Stalock. That kid and his style of hockey is a disgrace to the game. I'm not talking about him playing way out of the net (which is just annoying and distracting for most fans/players/refs) but I mean his constant cheap shots on the opposing team. I'm sure if you ran stats, he has the most penalties of any goalie in the league.

After the way he whacked out Ryan Lasch's knees in the past series with SCSU he should have been booted out of the game. There's NO room for his dirty antics in the WCHA. If the forwards and defensemen are punished for their misdeeds, then he should be too. Oh, and what about his tendency to sucker punch opposing players? I think we've all seen that too much and of course remember when he did it to Harrison at the Alltel a couple of years ago.

The others? They're deserving in various ways. Personally, I like Lasch as an option. For a little guy, he gets business done!

Nation said...

I would go Ryan Lasch on this one as well. He has been the most explosive player in the WCHA this year. Not to mention his national player of the month status earlier this year.

Bruce Ciskie said...
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VoiceOfReason said...

Chay Genoway. Best player on the best team.

gordonbombay said...

Chad Rau is easily the best two-way player in the nation.