Friday, March 13, 2009

Badgers 7, Mavericks 1 (updated)

Here is The Free Press story on Friday's game. Also the Wisconsin State Journal and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
The question now is, can the Mavericks put this game behind them and win two games?

"That's going to be the tough part," goalie Mike Zacharias said after Friday's 7-1 playoff loss to Wisconsin.

Zacharias stopped a career-high 47 shots before being pulled at 4:46 of the third period. Wisconsin ended up with 66 shots on goal, the most an MSU team has ever given up in the D-I era.

Coach Troy Jutting wouldn't elaborate as to why he pulled Zacharias in a 3-0 game. However, it seemed at the time that he was living to fight another day, resting his goaltender for Saturday and -- the Mavericks hope -- Sunday.

"We were down 3-nothing and I’d already seen 50 shots tonight,” Zacharias said. “(Jutting) basically told me I needed to get rested up and shut them down tomorrow. That’s what I plan on doing.”

Said Jutting: “(Backup goalie Dan Tormey) has battled hard all year. It seemed like maybe a chance to change things up.”


t said...

apparently takin Bruess out of the game worked well 4 the Badgers. Watch and see what happens for the rest of the series. MVP all the way.

Sam said...

I was there. The game looked even for about the first 10 minutes or so. Then the Badgers started toying with the Mavs defense. It was hideous. I know the Badgers are always one of the better defensive teams, but they looked like the Gophers the way they were whipping that puck around in the offensive zone. That's not normal. The Mavs need to start skating in their own zone and find a way to get their stick on that puck.

Nation said...

With the season on the line how will the Mavericks respond? With this series be different this year? Or just more of the same.

Fire Jutting said...