Friday, January 9, 2009

Greetings from the Springs

Hello from snowy Colorado Springs, Colo. I'll be heading over to the World Arena in just a bit. First, here's a travel tip: If you're staying in the hotels around the rink -- either this week or in the future (WCHA playoffs, perhaps?) and don't want to eat at the vast assortment of chain restaurants, may I recommend Old World Bagel & Deli. I'm now enjoying a spicy Reuben and potato salad right now. Outstanding. The place reminds me of the now-defunct Bagel Bros. in Mankato, which was on Cherry St., just across from Free Press World Headquarters. I miss that place.

1 comment:

Dan Myers said...

Spicy reuben and potato salad? Man am I ever glad I'm not the poor unfortunate soul sitting next to you in the press box.