Monday, December 1, 2008

You want answers?!

It's Dec. 1. The Mavericks are 8-3-3. They're returning home Friday after four games on the road. Seems like a good time to answer some of your questions about MSU hockey (and other Mankato-area hockey, if you wish). Use the comments section in this post to ask away, and I'll shoot for Thursday afternoon to answer them. Make them good.


hagar said...

Can you give us more of a detailed update of the Mav injuries? Is there a reason they don't give any details of the exact injury? For example after the Mich Tech series, couldn't someone just say Sackrison is out with a concussion. I'm not saying that's what's wrong with him, only an example. Also, what exactly happened to the Mich Tech player that was hospitalized in the Twin Cities during their series with the gophers?

Sam said...

What seems to be the problem with Justin Jokinen? He came to the Mavericks as the highest drafted NHL prospect on the team. Yet, he doesn't seem to be seeing much game action. Is it a matter of him trying to make the adjustment from high school hockey to college hockey, without playing any juniors? Or is there simply not enough ice time to go around?

Sam said...

If Kurt Davis continues his incredible play, what is the likelihood the Mavericks might lose him to the pros after this season?