Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A bunch of bull

Got a call from the fellows in the Minnesota State sports information office telling me to expect a big announcement regarding MSU hockey. What could it be, I thought, scrambling around. Well, things must be a little quiet around campus, as they were informing everybody that The Hockey News picked the Mavericks' purple bull logo as the third best logo in the WCHA.

The Mavericks lost out to Minnesota and Alaska-Anchorage and finished ahead of (in order): North Dakota, Wisconsin, St. Cloud State, Denver, Michigan Tech, Minnesota Duluth and Colorado College.

That got me thinking: What are the best logos in the league? What are the best uniforms? What do you think? Post a comment below and let PucKato know what you think.

As for the logos, here are my thoughts:

1. Alaska-Anchorage: One of the most unique in all of sports and when it stands alone on a jersey (without words), it really pops out.

2. Minnesota: The 'M' is classic and iconic.

3. St. Cloud State: Tweaking a legendary logo like the Montreal Canadiens' shouldn't work but this works great.

4. Minnesota State: After going through several logo changes in their short Division I tenure, the Mavericks finally found a winner. It looks great on the new uniforms, too.

5. North Dakota: I'll leave the politics out of this one. It's a good logo, but it's too detailed for a uniform front, I think. I liked the Sioux's Chicago Blackhawks-style icon the best.

6. Colorado College: It's a unique logo for a not-so-unique nickname. I like how it fits into the shape of a shield or coat-of-arms.

7. Minnesota-Duluth: As THN said, it breaks no new ground, but I think it looks sharp on the jersey, especially (like Alaska-Anchorage) when it stands alone. UMD needs to keep the words off the jersey front.

8. Michigan Tech: Another team that likes to put words on its logo. Take them off and you have a nice logo, although I think the dog is a little boring and the movement stripes are a little dated.

9. Wisconsin: The 'W' is nice, but the hockey team doesn't really use it. It might look good on a hockey sweater, but the Badgers can't get rid of their classic jerseys with the diagonal 'WISCONSIN.' Best uni in the league, I think.

10. Denver: Is that an eagle or a ninja flying star? If it's an eagle, where is it going and what is it doing? I believe Denver actually dropped the goofy icon last year and went back to the 'DU' logo, which is pretty boring.

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Goon said...

I dont' understand how the "M" ended up second? nothing special about that...