Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2008-09 schedule released

Remember last season, when the Mavericks played nine of their first 10 games on the road? That's not going to happen this year. MSU's schedule was released on Tuesday.

The Mavericks will play six of their first 10 games in Mankato, including their first two series -- Oct. 10-11 vs. Bemidji State and Oct. 17-18 vs. North Dakota. After that, MSU will play Minnesota in a home-and-home series, although the Mavericks' home game will be played at Xcel Energy Center as part of a WCHA doubleheader (St. Cloud and Duluth will play the early game on Nov. 1).

The Gophers will play in Mankato on Jan. 30.

MSU will not play Duluth or Michigan Tech at home and will not travel to Denver or Wisconsin. The Mavericks will also host Nebraska-Omaha and play nonconference road games at Bowling Green, Princeton and Omaha.

Here is the schedule with home games in bold:

Oct. 10, Bemidji State
Oct. 11, Bemidji State
Oct. 17, North Dakota
Oct. 18, North Dakota
Oct. 31, Minnesota
Nov. 1, Minnesota (at Xcel Energy Center
Nov. 7 , Alaska-Anchorage
Nov. 8, Alaska-Anchorage
Nov. 14, Colorado College
Nov. 15, Colorado College
Nov. 21, Michigan Tech
Nov. 22, Michigan Tech
Nov. 28, Bowling Green
Nov. 29, Bowling Green
Dec. 5, St. Cloud State
Dec. 6, St. Cloud State
Dec. 12, Denver
Dec. 13, Denver
Dec. 29, Princeton
Dec. 30, Yale
Jan. 3, Nebraska-Omaha
Jan. 9, Colorado College
Jan. 10, Colorado College
Jan. 16, Alaska-Anchorage
Jan. 17, Alaska-Anchorage
Jan. 23, Minnesota Duluth
Jan. 24, Minnesota Duluth
Jan. 30, Minnesota
Jan. 31, Minnesota
Feb. 13, North Dakota
Feb. 14, North Dakota
Feb. 24, Nebraska-Omaha
Feb. 27, Wisconsin
Feb. 28, Wisconsin
March 6, St. Cloud State
March 7, St. Cloud State


Fire Jutting said...

Another year with no home Minnesota game? If I was a corporate sponser, I'd dump my blue line tickets in a heartbeat.

This program is so mismanaged by Kevin making stupid decision after stupid decision, year after year. If I did half as poor of a job as he did I would have been fired years ago but not at MSU where mediocrity is king.

I don't know if this is true or not but was told tickets for the MSU "HOME" game in St. Paul are not included in the season ticket package. What a joke, no wonder this program can't grow it's fan base. The biggest game of the year and it's played 90 miles away?!? Busiman is a complete clown. He couldn't run a D-III program. Well, he could probably run it into the ground like he's done here.

Shane Frederick said...


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