Thursday, March 13, 2008

WCHA playoff coverage

Here is some gameday reading for the start of the the WCHA playoffs:

In the Free Press, the Mavericks' leading scorer, Trevor Bruess, is also their Mr. Hustle. Also, coach Troy Jutting is doing his best to keep this week as normal as possible, despite the extraordinary circumstances of the weekend.

The Strib tracks down ex-Maverick and West boys coach Ken Essay to break down the importance of the series for MSU and Mankato. They also look at the series' goaltending matchup between MSU's Mike Zacharias and the U's Alex Kangas.

Freshman Mike Hoeffel tells the Pioneer Press that this weekend might be a last gasp for the Gophers.

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hockeymomforever said...

If there is a need for a game three in the Maverick/Gopher series, do you know when those tickets will go on sale?

The Scarlet Gopher said...

Excellent point on the matchup, Shane: KFAN made a good point in that Mankato is really the better team, but if the Gophers are able to take the series it might have more to do with a 'mental factor.'

Jeff Dubay (regardless of what you think of him) made a good point in reference to the Gopher football team's loss to Michigan 4-5 years ago when they squandered a four touchdown lead in the second half. His point was that if Michigan were clad in Northern Illinois or Bowling Green jerseys that the collapse likely would not have unfolded.

**I thoroughly enjoyed the interview of Ken Essay by the Strib's Roman Augustoviz. Ken embodies what MSU fans really ought to aspire to, but also the difficulty Mankato faces as the play within 'Gopher Nation.' You'd be hard pressed to find a high school hockey player who would pass up the opportunity to wear the block 'M' in favor of one of the other Minnesota WCHA schools.