Monday, March 24, 2008

Player reaction

Had a chance to talk to a few MSU players Monday before their team meeting at All Seasons Arena. Needless, to say it was a somber bunch, still reeling a bit from the sting of not getting into the NCAA tournament. Some reaction:

"I thought there might be a shot. (The selection show) didn't announce Wisconsin until three-fourths of the way through the show, so I thought we had a chance." -- Mick Berge

"I still don't understand how a team under .500 (Wisconsin) and who we're 2-1-1 against gets in the tournament and we don't." -- Berge

"I don't understand how it happened, how a sub-.500 team makes it over us." -- Mike Zacharias

"As soon as Princeton won, I knew the year was over. ... I knew pretty early Saturday night, about 9, 9:30. That was a pretty disappointing night." -- Zacharias

"I was hoping the committee would find a way to get us in. I don't know how we dropped two spots in one night. I don't know how Wisconsin came up so fast." -- Joel Hanson


MAVFAN said...

There's a good bunch of guys on this team. Here's to hoping this was another learning experience and they continue playing hard next year. My guess is that we'll go 2-0 against UNO next season.

Sam said...

Here's to hoping they all return next year too. Should we be concerned about any early departures, Shane?

Shane Frederick said...

I'm working on a season wrap-up story for Wednesday's paper. I think there's always a concern about early departures, but the coaches don't seem to be as worried as they were last year when the Wagner deal seemed imminent.

Sam said...

I look forward to reading it. Thanks.