Monday, March 17, 2008

More Pairwise: Go Big Red?

The Mavericks dropped to 14th in the nation in both the and USA Today polls. But all that matters now is the Pairwise, where they are tied with Wisconsin for 13th.

After doing some more playing around with on the You Are the Committee site (seriously, you could lose yourself for hours on this thing), Minnesota State won't be practicing in vain this week.

If all of the favorites win in the the four conference championship weekends, the Mavericks will move up to 12th. Amazingly, Minnesota State can get back up to 11th under several scenarios, provided Cornell wins the ECAC championship.

As for my Notre Dame comment earlier today, the Mavericks, it appears, do want the Irish to take third in the CCHA.

If you find other interesting scenarios, please post them in the comments section.


Dan Myers said...
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Ringsted_Ringneck said...

If all the top seeds win, i believe MSU will move to #12

Chupacabra said...

I think the easiest thing at the moment is to become a SCSU fan and hope they defeat the Gophers this Thursday night. That should drop the Goofs back below the Mavs in the Pairwise. With Clarkson losing and conference champions from the CHA and Atlantic Hockey there will be at least 3 teams that aren’t in the top 13 that would make it. If BU or Vermont win the Hockey East that would mean only the top 12 would get in and would basically knock the Gophers or Mankato out depending on how the gophers do on Thursday.