Saturday, March 22, 2008

Counting on a miracle

Asked on Thursday if his team was getting together for Sunday morning's NCAA tournament selection show, Mavericks coach Troy Jutting said no and that he was letting his players go home for Easter. "They can go to church and pray for a miracle," Jutting said with a laugh. 

He's not joking now. It will take a miracle to get in, it appears.

The Mavericks are tied with Notre Dame for 13th in the Pairwise -- the final spot. But they lose the comparison with the Irish. According to College Hockey News, Notre Dame wins two of three comparisons against MSU, including RPI (.5298-.5272) and record against common opponents (ND is 6-2, MSU is 7-5-1). Minnesota State has the better record against teams under consideration (11-14-3 to 5-10-1). 

Notre Dame also "clinched" its spot in the tournament by losing twice this weekend in the CCHA tournament.

What really stands out in the common opponents section is Nebraska-Omaha. Notre Dame was 2-0 and MSU wasn't just 0-2 but suffered their most disappointing loss of the season to the red Mavericks. 

Where fans will have the biggest argument in all of this is with Wisconsin moving up to 12th in the Pairwise. They have 11 comparisons won, where MSU and Notre Dame each have 10. MSU has the comparison against Wisconsin, including head-to-head and RPI, and the Badgers have a record below .500.


Beaver Liquors said...

You've got to be f'ing kidding me. How do we drop below Wisconsin and UND tonight after UND lost again and Wisconsin was swept against against SCSU? I never thought that the losses against the shit team from Omaha would knock us from the tournament. I hope we get some sympathy and we still make it!

Anthony said...

As much as I love the Mavericks, and totally disagree with the committee putting Wisconsin in, I don't think we should be asking for sympathy. While we have a great team who is improving yearly, we need to learn to take care of business on our own so when it comes to NCAA's we're not hoping other games come out in our favor.