Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy new year

The Mavericks are one game over the season's midway point and off until Jan. 11-12 when they go to Duluth. 

Sounds like a good time to do a "You Want Answers?" post. 

Just send your questions and comments on the comments link below and I'll try to give you some answers, comments, insights, guesses and musings by Friday afternoon. I'll also look back on some of the comments made since the last YWA post and consider those as well.


Sam said...

What are the chances Dan Tormey decides to transfer for his senior year, assuming Zacharias never relinquishes his hold on the #1 goalie spot? I know he'd have to sit out a year, but he could always go play another year of juniors while waiting. Former Maine goalie, Matt Lundin, just did that this past year.

Sam said...

After seeing your latest post which confirmed Corey Leivermann will be a Maverick, a couple more questions popped into my head. First, can you give us any insight on the sort of impact this kid might one day have on the program? Also, what are the chances his high-scoring teammate, Ricky Litchfield, could end up joining him as a future Maverick? Thanks again.

Hagar said...

Is it just me or does it seem like the scoreboard at the Alltel Center is malfuctioning more than usual? Is it time to maybe update the scoreboard?

Also, why don't they show replays of goals and other great plays on the video screen at the games? I know Mariucci has no problem showing replays.