Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy holidays

No, I'm not pulling a Kyle Okposo. I'm just taking a few days off for the holidays. I'll be back in Mankato just before the Princeton Tigers roll into town. If you need your MSU hockey fix, you can check out a one-game-shy-of-midseason report on the Mavericks in Sunday's edition of The Free Press.

Until next week, happy holidays!


oldtimehockey said...

What do you think Garth Snow was getting at when he said Lucia does not prepare players for the NHL?
Have you ever heard of a GM disrespecting a program the way he did this past week?

Ihavenofavorites said...

Maybe you should study up a bit on your backhanded comments about players. I guarantee you would not have said his name had he not played for the EVIL Gophers. Lots of other teams and players out there to pick on Shane. There is a much bigger picture here than your small town newspaper reporting. The whole "Cow Nation" will love this whole Okposo thing. Let's see who the mighty mavs have left next season, or better yet, where will they be in April. The NHL doesn't care about college programs and their development. They want to develop those players themselves. Let's not let "pulling an Okposo" become a battle cry for the ignorant maverick hockey elite.