Friday, November 9, 2007

Name that rink

A comment on the previous post got me thinking. The Alltel Center needs a nickname.

The building's new name certainly rolls off the tongue easier than Midwest Wireless Civic Center. I believe the arena had the name Cellular 2000 before that and got the nickname, "The Cell," by my predecessor, P.J. Slinger. That nickname has hung around a little but didn't really stick through the name changes.

Some people simply called it the Wireless Center. I thought the anti-goaltender nickname the "Civ" (read: sieve) was cute. I believe "the Phone Booth" has also been tossed around.

So what do you all think? Let's hear your ideas. Put them in the comments section and I'll pick some of the best and do something with them around the time of the Mavericks' next home game, which will be Nov. 30.

1 comment:

Dave M. said...


I was thinking Bull Ring but after Friday nights game how about The Slaughter House.