Sunday, November 18, 2007

Men v. Boys

We can go over the keys to the series -- get some scoring from Joel Hanson (didn't happen), play a 60-minute game (not even close Saturday) and win the special teams (nope) -- but those things alone can't explain why Denver destroyed MSU 7-0 Saturday.

If there was ever a game that looked like the fourth-ranked team was playing the last-place team in the WCHA (which the Mavericks are now), this was it.

Denver's stars came to play, as Tyler Ruegsegger scored two spectacular goals (seriously, if these don't show up on YouTube ...) and set up another, Brock Trotter had a three-point game and goalie Peter Mannino showed that the early Hobey Baker talk hasn't jinxed him as he stopped 28 shots and even picked up a pair of assists.

The Mavericks, meanwhile, couldn't keep up. They weren't able to score on some early chances and got schooled one-on-one by Ruegsegger & Co. Afterward, the team appeared to be embarrassed by the loss with little to say about. "I can't find one thing positive right now," sophomore forward Trevor Bruess said.

A few notes: Coach Troy Jutting said he started Dan Tormey in goal because Mike Zacharias was injured. It's not serious, Jutting said, but he wanted to give Zacharias extra rest with the off-week coming up and Minnesota Duluth on the horizon. ... Defenseman R.J. Linder was scratched for the first time this year. Just his turn out of that seven-man rotation, Jutting said.


Anonymous said...

That's a good comment by the players. Hopefully, they are as embarrased as the fans are.

We are in for a long year I guess.

Unfortunately, I really don't think we are that bad. We're stuck with a coach that runs a program that badly, however.

I watched the Seawolves gut it out and beat the Gophers. Now that was a team that showed some spirit and drive in a game and it started with their coaching staff.

Fire Jutting said...

Could not agree more. Can anyone convince me Troy is earning his $100,000+ salery?

Anonymous said...

Jutting won't ask for ANYTHING for his asst coaches or players. His M.O. for keeping his job is in pleasing his boss by never asking for anything for the program. That is how he gets his contract renewed. Then he can play the "tough to compete" card. It would be too dangerous to say give me some more resources and I can be a consistent 3-7 program in WCHA and make the NCAA every 3 years or so and increase revenues enough to more than justify the investment.

Anonymous said...

Too many times I have seen exuses well, the were ranked #4. It seems that MSU has an easy out for their loses. Playing the Gophers it was, if they had won, WE BEAT THE GOPHERS!!! If they lost, well, they were the Gohers after all. MSU coaches, fans and sportswriters alike are way too overbearing when it comes to using rankings and statistics as a way out. Get over it! Just play the game and watch the game. Respect the other teams instead of trying to come up with reasons for losing. Give credit where credit is due.