Thursday, November 29, 2007

Marketing 101

There has been some discussion among blog readers about MSU's marketing efforts for hockey. There are myriad opinions. None on this post, however, just a list of what the university is doing, starting with this weekend's games against Minnesota Duluth:

Nov. 30, Minnesota Duluth -- First 100 fans receive a mini travel cooler from The Free Press
Dec. 1, Minnesota Duluth -- Skate With the Mavericks.
Dec. 7, Wisconsin -- First 500 fans receive MSU Hockey toque (knit hat) courtesy of McDonald's
Dec. 8, Wisconsin -- Teddy Bear Toss. Bring a new stuffed animal and receive a voucher for a discount at a future game
Dec. 28, Princeton -- First 500 fans receive a 11 x 17 2008 MSU Athletics wall calendar. It's also Group Incentive Night; bring a group of 20 or more to the game an everyone in your group will receive a free ticket to the Feb. 2 game against Denver.
Jan. 18, North Dakota -- First 500 fans receive a Maverick Hockey trading card set courtesy of Alltel
Jan. 25, St. Cloud State -- First 250 fans receive a Maverick game puck courtesy of MSU security
Feb. 1, Denver -- First 1,000 fans receive stress puck courtesy of MSU security
Feb. 2, Denver -- Autograph night. Postgame autograph session with the Mavericks
Feb. 8, Alaska Anchorage -- First 350 fans receive an MSU drawstring back pack courtesy of Charter Communications
Feb. 9, Alaska Anchorage -- Junior Maverick Night. Junior Mavericks get in free
Feb. 26, Nebraska-Omaha, Two for Tuesday. Buy one ticket, Get one free


MAVFAN said...

These promos are all great, but where is this information advertised or provided to the public?

Besides this post, perhaps the msu website and info that season ticket holders got, who knows about this stuff?

Can you ask someone from MSU to comment on what their plan is in regards to marketing the program? What do they believe they are doing to grow the fan base and attendance at the games?

Sam said...

Also, since all of the premier games are free to students this year, should we expect MSU to do another ticket giveaway for next weekends Wisconsin series? Or will students simply get it by showing their MavCard. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Anthony said...

i agree with mavfan. these are good promotions, but i'm not sure it's getting more people to the games. i've been going to the games on a regular basis for a few years, following the mavericks online, and i had no idea any of those promotions existed (with the exception of the teddy bear toss and i usually find out about that the night of the game).

MavGrad95 said...

Here's an idea...How about a promotion in which the atmosphere actually resmbles a college game instead of this pseudo-NHL wannabe thing that is going on. Let's make it a game for the students. Not a game for the sponsors and corperate partners. Get rid of the goal horn. Let the pep band play when they score. Get rid of the dimming the lights and playing cheezy metal music during the home team's introductions. Then again, I guess the MSU crowd needs this kind of stuff to stay interested. Maybe these things and the fact that you can drink at these games might be the only reason people go. And please don't say, "everyone else does it".

Dave M. said...

Mavgrad95 you forgot one thing the students also need hot cheerleaders to look at.

Pugman said...

There you go again mavgrad95, lumping everyone together. They all do this, they all do that. Sounds like you need a different hockey outlet, its called Highschool hockey at All Seasons Arena.

MavGrad95 said...

I'm beginning to think Maverick hockey is your only outlet Pugman. If so I think you would be the one with the narrow view. Remember, went to school here. I grew up here. I am objective. It just so happens, as I see it, MSU hockey meets all of those stereotypes.

Pugman said...

What you just said makes everyone who reads this HOCKEY blog, dummer.

MavGrad95 said...

All I'm saying pugman, is that if Maverick hockey is all you have seen, I think your view is going to be pretty small. There's a lot of college hockey out there, and believe it or not the WCHA is not the only league. Expand your horizons, see what is out there. You just might be suprised (and I think you will be). I don't think it should matter that MSU beat #12 whoever. It makes no difference. All that matters is where the teams are in April. I have nothing against MSU or their teams. I just keep seeing the lack of respect in a majority of MSU fans. Rivalries are not being built here. Only disrespect that is handed out and returned. So go ahead pugman, see what is out there. leave your box and maybe you might see the light of day.

Pugman said...

mavgrad95, that's your problem. Why would you assume that all I've seen are mav games. Did the 7 years of College kill that many brain cells? Hey looky there, I just assumed that since you went to a known party school, it must have taken you 7yrs. to graduate because the first 4, you were in an drunken-stuper.

And I'll give you one more. No wounder you have this stereotype mentallity. You grew up in small podunk town like Mankato, who's only claim to fame is having more outdoor rinks than indoor.

But seriously mavgrad95, I'm just having fun with ya. You write all the misguided comments your little MSU-Mankatoan peanut town brain can come up with and I'll keep producing the comedy. You can't make this stuff up.

MavGrad95 said...

What a KNOB. Look, I'm not going to pick on you for where you went to school or for whom you root for. You are just proving my points for me. Thank you. by what you say, you are living up to all of those stereotypes. Thanks again.