Friday, November 16, 2007

Greetings from Denver

Hello from the Mile High City. I got here early, went to see "No Country for Old Men" and finally got to check into the hotel and get online for a bit before I head over to Magness Arena.

I thought there might be more comments on this weekend's MSU-DU preview, but I'd like to respond to Mr. or Ms. A. Nonymous, who laughed at me for bringing up the Mavericks' amazing come-from-behind win over the Pioneers from four seasons ago.

It's true. It's not 2003. But I don't think anyone who was in the Civic Center that night will ever forget what they saw. Every time Minnesota State hosts or goes to Denver I think about that game. Last season, a former Denver player told me players and coaches are still not allowed to speak of it around DU.

If it wasn't college hockey, if it wasn't MSU vs. Denver, it might have gone down as one of the all-time great comebacks in sports. Down 6-1 after one? Down 7-1 almost halfway through the second? It should have been featured PTI and SportsCenter, just like that crazy, 14-lateral Division III football win from a couple of weeks ago. Shane Joseph should have gotten some face time on national TV.

If I'm Troy Jutting or George Gwozdecky, I would refer to that game forever, telling my team that we're never too far behind to come back or that we darn well better close out our opponent, even if we have a six-goal lead.

More later from the rink.


Anonymous said...

I was there freddy and I'll never forget that night in 2003. think it was only one of two games I went to that year

Anonymous said...

agreed shane. i wasn't there and still think of that game whenever DU and MSU play.

Anonymous said...

I was there, left afte the first period to go home and watch the Wild vs. the Blue Jackets-which was the first game that Jackman played in in the show....wind up wathcing MSU come back on Denver instead...Not a realy proud moment of mine...I never prematurely.

Rather interesting that these two events were the same night though.