Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Full house

Sounds like it's slim pickings for tickets for Friday's game between the Mavericks and Gophers at Alltel Center. According to assistant athletic director Tim Marshall, more than 5,000 tickets have been sold -- That's deep into standing-room-only territory -- and only a few remained. If it's a capacity crowd, we could see an attendance figure that treads close to the all-time high of 5,182 set against North Dakota in 2003. Some suite configurations from a few years ago may prevent the figure from reaching that mark, but we'll see.


The Scarlet Gopher said...

I'm part of a nine-person group from the University of Minnesota attending the Friday night game. Does MSU have any statistics on tickets allotted to the 'U' for the game?

Shane Frederick said...

Not sure. But I would guess all of those tickets have been added to the count by now.