Thursday, October 11, 2007

Purple and Gold -- er, White

A few observations from Thursday's Purple-Gold game ...

The Mavericks unveiled their new uniforms during the intrasquad scrimmage and, no, there's no new logo. The sharp-looking sweaters are solid white for home and solid purple for the road (I guess that really makes it the Purple-White game, no?) with vertical striping on the sleeves similar to the jerseys many of last year's Olympic teams.

All Seasons Arena was nearly full for the first half of the event. The first 500 MSU students in the door got gold Maverick Hockey T-shirts. A good chunk of the crowd split during intermission; they missed nine of the night's 10 goals, including five penalty shots. Penalty shots were awarded for any penalty called. The Mavericks were five for seven on penalty shots. Jerad Stewart scored three of them, one against each goalie. You can read more about Stewart and the sophomore class in Friday's Free Press.

Here were the lines (goals-assists in parenthesis):

Team White 4
Kalinski (0-1) -- Sackrison -- Hanson (1-1)
Galiardi (1-1) -- Harrison (0-1) -- Wiley

Youds (0-1) -- Boe (1-0)
Canzanello (1-0) -- Linder

Team Purple 6
Irwin (0-1) -- Berge (0-2) -- Mouillierat (1-0)
Gaulrapp (1-0) -- Bruess (1-0) -- Stewart (3-0)

Davis (0-1) -- Friesen
Gunderson -- Kilburg

The line of Tyree-Peterson-Louwerse (0-1) and defenseman Lompado played a period with each team, and the three goalies rotated around.

As for the goalies, Dan Tormey allowed five goals, including three on penalty shots. Mike Zacharias allowed just one penalty-shot goal. And freshman Austin Lee allowed four goals, but stopped two of three penalty shots.


Anthony said...

I watched the whole game last night and was very impressed with 2 of the freshman. The defensive combo of Youds & Boe seemed to really click. I'm hoping to see alot of them this season. The most impressive penalty shot of the night had to be Gaulrapp against Tormey. His patience with the puck was incredible. Finally, I'm also to pleased to see Sackrison on the first line with Kalinski and Hanson.

Go Purple & Gold... err White

ShootTheDumbFansDown said...

Who said that line is the starting line?

Anthony said...

i guess we'll have to wait and see. =)