Thursday, September 27, 2007

Big loss

I've dropped by All Seasons Arena to watch Minnesota State's captains practices and other workouts recently and there's a noticeable absence. I'm not referring to Travis Morin either.

Mavericks trainer and all-around good guy Jason Bushie left MSU a few weeks ago. He's not leaving the WCHA, however, as he was hired away by Colorado College.

Bushie had been full-time for the men's hockey team since 2002.


Kate Crandall said...

Hey there, Shane! Good to see you on the blogosphere. Happy hockey season to you!

Dave M. said...


I was looking at the roster on the MSU page and I don't see Garry Nunn. Do you know what happen? Thanks.

Shane Frederick said...

Dave, I'll have more on that soon. I promise.